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Our company has been operating in the Ukrainian market for over 7 years. We offer poultry breeding technology developed by the specialists of the SVS World inc. Ipax Group together with AIPAX-UKRAINE LLC, which consists of two preparations:

To date, in order to reduce the contamination of the body of chickens with pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, antibiotics are used in poultry farms, which are used both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. However, they do not justify themselves as a panacea for all diseases. At the same time, there is a danger of their accumulation in muscles and the formation of antibiotic-resistant microorganism strains in the intestines of birds.


Actual request of society – BIO-EGG in industrial production.

At the production facilities of one of the Ukrainian poultry complexes, a practical test of the latest development of Ipax-Ukraine was successfully carried out - the program for feeding livestock of laying hens with the “Chasis” and “MAGA” preparations.

The course of feeding was carried out in one of the poultry houses of the enterprise, in which there were 73980 heads of poultry. At the enterprise, before the start of the program implementation, the problems of accumulating antibiotic residues in the final product (marketable egg and egg powder) and reducing the egg production of the livestock were very significant.

To solve these problems, it was decided to implement the feeding program with Chasis and MAGA into the cycle of laying hens according to the approved scheme. Feeding was carried out under the supervision of vets of the enterprise according to the provided scheme and was accompanied by consultations of the specialists of Ipax-Ukraine.

At the end, the results were summed up. When using the two components "CACIS" and "MAGA" in the program for feeding laying hens at the enterprise, the following results were achieved:

  • The company received a bio-egg from the poultry house (without residues of decay products of antibiotics and harmful substances).
  • Egg production of the experimental livestock increased to 4% in comparison with the control livestock.

Having received an egg and egg powder without any residues of antibiotics and harmful substances, and making sure of this, the company has the opportunity to undergo certification of its products to enter international markets with a qualitatively new product, the popularity and demand of which is increasing.

The company's products

are designed to eliminate prophylactic antibiotics in the poultry industry

Stabilizer Intestinal Microflora Chasis

Used to stimulate metabolic processes, prevention of nonspecific bacterial and viral diseases, enhance immunological reactions in diseases of various etiologies, adaptation to adverse environmental conditions. Promotes inhibition of growth of pathogenic enterobacteria, suppression of growth and reproduction of yeast fungi, mold. Normalization of intestinal microflora, optimal gastrointestinal pH, improving feed digestibility.

Immunosismulator MAGA

Stimulation of the body's immune system, elimination of inflammatory processes, normalization of metabolism, optimization of intestinal microflora, its protection from pathogenic microorganisms, normalizes litter, increases feed digestibility.

Disinfectants veterenary BTC-885

The drug is used for the current and final disinfection in the outbreaks of epizootics; for the purpose of rehabilitation and preventive disinfection of livestock and poultry premises, incubators, incubation and hatcher cabinets, workshops for processing poultry and eggs, as well as disinfection of incubation and commodity eggs; slaughter and meat processing shops, artificial insemination points, in the places of sale of livestock and poultry products (markets), milking equipment, tanks for dairy products, dairy and refrigeration shops, refrigerators, warehouses, commercial premises, veterinary clinics, veterinary centers, technological equipment, equipment, containers, tools, linen, sanitary equipment, sanitary clothes at the facilities of the agro-industrial complex, in clinics and pharmacies of veterinary medicine, at enterprises with production of veterinary drugs, for sanitary barriers in front of the entrance to the premises with increased sanitary requirements, vehicles, vivariums, circuses, zoos and other facilities and equipment, under ezhaschih veterinary supervision. In working concentrations, the drug is harmless to animals, which allows its use in the presence of animals.

Disinfectants medical СD-256

The means CD-256 neutral disinfectant cleaner is a liquid transparent, colorless concentrate with a slight peculiar smell, it is well dissolved in water and foams when shaken. The pH of the concentrate is 9.0 ± 0.5, the pH of the 10.0% aqueous solution is 7.5. The product has detergent, cleaning and deodorizing properties, does not damage objects undergoing disinfection, does not require rinsing. The product is not compatible with anionic surfactants and strong oxidizing agents. Water-based working solutions are transparent, colorless, with a faint odor of flavoring, have detergent properties, do not damage objects made of plastics, rubber, metal, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, lead and tin, glass and other materials, do not fix on the surfaces of pollution treatment objects organic origin, well washed off, leaving no stains and plaque. Means solutions remove mechanical, protein, fatty contaminants, blood residues, and residues of drugs from external surfaces, internal channels and cavities of medical products.


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